Jun 21, 2016 | | Riverdale, GA
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

I had my ice maker go out an flood my kitchen an garage under it (filled up with stuff) to follow up with my air conditioner leaking up under my bathroom tile and bedroom carpet. I had to have my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and garage packed up the put into a storage Pod in my driveway. I have State Farm insurance and Paces is on their guarantee list as well. Definite bonus, as you hear about so many people who get ripped off! Don’t have to worry about that! Praise God!I’m only in on day 2 of what seems will be a few weeks of restoring and then the contractors (from Paces too!) will rebuild after mold, mildew, damages are to be done. I’m already sooooo pleased with Paces! First the project manager for both jobs, they’re flawless! The “Girls” who do the packing and going through all the stuff an evaluate it and pack it all up, Flawless! And trust is not an issue what so ever, Flawless! The gentlemen who are tearing up everything, Flawless! I mean the compassion, empathy and the care cannot be beat! And the knowledge they have and teach you about is truly helpful! I so lovvvvveeeee the employee’s!!!! I’ve adopted them already and informed them of their new last name change! lol I feel so truly blessed to have them on my side to help me back to normal! I’ll update as the project continues! IF YOUR NEEDING HELP WITH YOUR HOME AFTER LIFE HAPPENS, PACES CONTRACTING IS AWESOME!THANK YOU PACES FOR TRULY PICKING THE RIGHT EMPLOYEE’S TO REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY!!!!!!!!!! FLAWLESS!


  • Experienced Restoration Team
  • Prompt Responses To Emergencies
  • Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Experts