Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Atlanta, GA

Smoke Damage Restoration by Paces Restoration

When tragedy strikes and your Atlanta, GA home or business is left with fire damages, call on Paces Restoration for quick and effective smoke damage restoration services. For nearly three decades, our certified professionals have been helping property owners overcome their losses, and we’re here to help you too! Don’t wait to get the help you need and deserve. The team at Paces Restoration has the knowledge and equipment to rapidly perform smoke damage restoration at your property to get your life back on track.

Smoke Damage Restoration in Atlanta

Why Smoke Damage Restoration is So Important

After a fire has occurred on your property, lingering smoke can cause secondary damages to your property and health issues to your family or employees. That’s why it’s essential to reach out to a smoke damage restoration company immediately to address and contain the accident. Smoke is a toxic mix of particles and gases that when inhaled, can inflame the lungs and airways. This inflammation or swelling within the body works to block oxygen absorption and can have many adverse effects on our health.

It’s vital to remember that even after the fire has been put out, smoke damage remains. At Paces Restoration, our job is to restore your home, but our mission is to keep our community safe! Don’t let smoke damage your business or home and your health. Calling on professionals for smoke damage restoration services will give you peace of mind and help you avoid significant health risks. These include:

  • Respiratory Complications – As one could imagine, breathing in smoke will trigger a cough. Though once the smoke has cleared and the damages are done, lingering soot and smoke can wreak havoc on your respiratory system. This can cause damages to your sinuses and lungs, leading to more significant complications like worsened asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and more.
  • Skin Issues – The byproducts from soot and smoke are severe skin irritants and will cause skin aggravation and dryness. The kicker is, no amount of skincare will fix these issues since they are a result of the remaining smoke particles in the air. If not addressed, these skin issues may become more severe and require medical attention.
  • Eye Irritation – Smoke and soot damage will likely cause eyes to become red, itchy, and watery for prolonged periods. If you have recently been through a property fire and are experiencing severe eye irritation, reach out to a medical professional right away!
  • Long-term Health – When smoke and soot damages are not properly taken care of, it can pose many risks to your overall health. Fire will burn through things like plastic, carpet, wood products, foams, and more. These combustible items do not burn “cleanly” and will release chemicals that become very dangerous when burned. When these chemicals are left lingering within your property, you put yourself at risk of developing long-term health issues such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and more.

Though the visible smoke is no longer present at your residential or commercial property, it remains in your drywall furniture, carpet, walls, and more until adequately addressed by a reliable restoration team. Just because the damage is not visible, does not mean it isn’t affecting your home. Similarly, Paces Restoration can help with water damage restoration on properties that have water damage from putting out the fire or leaks caused by the fire’s heat. No matter what restoration services your property needs, we’ll be there to help.

Rapid Action to Lessen Damage

Though it may seem crazy, fire damage itself is the easiest part of restoration cleanup. There is only one way to rid a property of fire-damaged materials, and that’s simply to remove them. Smoke, on the other hand, isn’t as straightforward. Smoke and soot consist of carbon and other chemicals that remain far after the fire is extinguished. To keep our community safe, we perform the following damage restoration steps:

  • Protect Breaches and Ingress Points – Following an appraisal of the structural damage done to the property, we will seal any openings caused by the fire with tarps, wood, plastic sheeting, etc.
  • Mitigate Further Damages – Smoke, soot, and water damages will be attended to immediately to ensure our own safety and to address any structural damages done to the property.
  • Debris and Soot Removal – This is essential to mitigate the odor and chemicals in the air caused by microscopic dust coming from soot deposits and burned debris.
  • Possession Removal – We will remove any personal or company-owned items from the scene to prevent them from coming in further contact with the contaminated air. We will clean salvageable items and properly discard objects that are a contamination risk.
  • Water Removal – Standing water will be removed from your property, as well as water that has soaked into various absorbent surfaces. This will eliminate the chances of mold and mildew growth. If you have carpeting throughout your residential or commercial property, carpet water damage restoration will need to be performed immediately.
  • Deep Cleaning, Stain Removal, & Deodorizing – We will save any salvageable items by thoroughly cleaning them and restoring them back to a usable condition.
  • Completing Cleanup – With our exceptional services, we guarantee that any trace of fire, smoke, soot, or water damage will be removed, making your property feel like new again!

Why Paces Restoration?

Why choose Paces Restoration? We have been setting the pace for restoration services for nearly 30 years, and our services are simply unmatched. In addition to smoke damage restoration, we offer services to deal with water, storm, and mold, and work closely with your insurance company to expedite the recovery process. We have a combination of industry experience and certification, along with a facility and procedures like no other. We will return your home or commercial/industrial property back to its pre-loss condition or an even better state.

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