Aug 22, 2017 | Suzanne Mejia | Marietta, GA
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

On June 6, 2017, I had a tree fall on my house. I had no idea what all was about to take place in my life! This is a very long story, but I will try to make it much shorter. A tree company came out and removed the tree, and I called a restoration company to come take over. By the first of July, nothing much had been done (this was not entirely their fault – building permits, structural engineers, etc were needed). I ended up having to let them go, and started working with a second company. They were primarily new- home builders and were not familiar with how insurance claims work. Hence, I had to let them go. Paces was my last chance (THAT will never happen again!) to get this job done. The second company had started a little work in the attic and I was afraid y’all might not take the job. Wes came out and gave me peace of mind that I had not had in quite a while, assuring me he felt Paces would take the job.Wes informed me that Ray Riley would be my project manager. He did not mention the name Ray Riley extraordinaire, maker of all things beautiful again! Ray quickly figured out that I was a little stressed out and took it upon himself to begin calling me and giving me daily updates. Wow! What a blessing it was to have him keep me updated on the progress. They worked quickly and efficiently and were always complete professionals. I told Ray that I felt like I was on a game show because every time he called he had great news; I never knew what he was going to have behind door number 3! There are truly no words to tell you how much having Ray on this job has meant to me. With him on the job, I had complete confidence that the job was not only going to get done, it was going to be done beautifully, meticulously, and completed above and beyond common standards. I love Ray’s work so much that I am going to hire him/y’all to do extra work that I just want done. After seeing the work Ray and his crew did on my insurance claim, I knew I was in good hands and that they would do the job right. I imagine all your project managers are great, but I just can’t imagine one being as good as Ray! He’s truly one in a million!


  • Experienced Restoration Team
  • Prompt Responses To Emergencies
  • Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Experts